The Essential Devon Cheese Board – the best of Devon to your door

Submitted by Harry Wild.

A collaboration between Devon’s finest cheese-makers brings you the Essential Devon Cheese Board featuring five artisan cheeses, delivered to your door. Each cheese is made with milk from cows and goats that have grazed Devon’s luscious pastures, crafted with over 100 years of skills and nurtured with love until ready for your cheese board. The essential cheese lover’s box will be delivered to your door with no contact necessary.

The board includes the Devon classics; Sharpham Brie, Quickes Mature Cheddar and Ticklemore Devon Blue, plus a ‘Grader’s Choice’ from both Sharpham and Quickes.

Customers will receive five pieces (circa 300g each) of artisan cheese individually wrapped along with tasting notes for each, all boxed up and ready to go.

The Essential Devon Cheese Board costs £20 and is available for home delivery from where you will also find a fantastic selection of wines, all made on the Sharpham Estate with grapes grown in the beautiful Dart Valley.

Tasting notes:

Sharpham Brie – Sharham Brie is actually a Coloummier style cheese, which has been hand made to our own recipe since 1980. Starter cultures, vegetable rennet and salt are the only additions to the fresh Jersey milk. It is a mould ripened cheese with a unique flavour and creamy texture and a rich unctuous flavour when young, developing ‘mushroomy’ notes as it ages. Enjoy with crusty bread and fruits, charcuterie or even bake with garlic and basil. Works perfectly with the light fruitiness of a sauvignon blanc and particularly well with Sharpham Estate Selection.

Ticklemore Devon Blue Cheese – Devon Blue is a cow’s milk cheese, made by Ben Harris.  The cheese is made with herds milked within 10 miles from the dairy. It is Ticklemore’s best-selling cheese and is renowned for its creamy, rich and buttery taste. It also has an incredible unique, crumbly texture that adds to the melt in the mouth experience.

Quickes Mature Cheddar – Handcrafted using milk from Quicke’s grass-fed cows, clothbound and naturally matured for 12-15 months on their 500 year-old farm in Devon. It’s a rich and buttery cheddar with outstanding depth of flavour with develops as it reaches the back of the palate. Brothy to grassy to caramel notes. Superb with English stout, pale ale, a robust cabernet sauvignon or strong flavoured salad.

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