Owens Coffee Educate South Devon Primary Schools as part of Fairtrade Fortnight

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Fairtrade Fortnight returned this year (21st February – 6th March) with an emphasis on the current climate crisis. Devon-based company, Owens Coffee, actively participated in the two-week worldwide campaign, which each year highlights incredible stories of global communities and the positive impact which the Fairtrade system has within them. 

On behalf of Fairtrade Devon, Owens Coffee presented to young students at school conferences in Totnes and Ivybridge, as well as contributing towards the content of presentations at schools throughout Devon. As part of the BIG Brew Coffee Morning on Saturday 26th February, Owens also spoke to other small businesses about the global scheme. 

“We are delighted to have worked alongside the Devon Development Education (DDE) at their conferences, which gave us the opportunity to talk to young people and Devon businesses about the importance of Fairtrade coffee” said Managing Director, Lorraine Bridden. “We helped to tell the story of individuals who grow our coffee in the Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative in Northern Rwanda (Gakenke District), where our Jabulani single origin coffee is sourced. 

“Our presentation then told the story of the beans from this Cooperative full-circle, highlighting sustainability and climate change action by explaining the roasting and packing process at our Roastery in Ivybridge.”

“The collaboration with Fairtrade Devon and Owens Coffee began last year when we started planning for Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 and decided to focus on Fairtrade coffee. We were very pleased to learn they were already following a B2B initiative in Rwanda and had been importing Fairtrade organic coffee from across the world for several years. Their sustainable credentials are very impressive and fit right into our message this year. We were extremely interested in their newest link with the Twongerekawa Coko co-operative, which is a women’s co-operative of 250 members who are growing coffee in the mountainous district of Gakenke, NW Rwanda.  Owens is now roasting their coffee as a single origin and consequently this story has become the focus for the Devon Primary schools’ Fairtrade Conferences 2022.  We’re delighted to find this initiative here on our doorstep in Devon, a powerful example of how we can be involved through our Fairtrade purchases and support people across the world.” said Sue Errington and Alison Derrick of Fairtarde Devon.

Since 2010, Owens Coffee has supported the aims of the Fairtrade Foundation and is proud that 100% of its coffee range is certified Fairtrade and organic. As part of the range, Owens’ ‘Jabulani’ single origin coffee was produced as a result of a partnership with Plymouth-based Jabo Butera of the Diversity Business Incubator. Grown in the Gakenke District of Rwanda, the coffee offers a juicy, black tea finish with sweet notes of ripe citrus and champagne.

The range, which is available to buy online from, also includes; ‘Gara’, winner of ‘Best Organic Coffee at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards in 2019, a bold and fruity, medium-dark roasted blend from Central America; ‘Bantham’, winner of a 2019 Great Taste Award, a smooth and chocolatey, medium roasted blend from South America and Indonesia; ‘Dart’, winner of a 2020 Great Taste Award, a mellow and sweet, darker roasted blend from South America and Africa; and ‘Decaf’, commended at the Taste of the West Awards 2019, refined and chemical-free, darker roasted blend from Latin America, decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® method. 

To shop the full range of Fairtrade and organic coffees or for further information about Owens Coffee please visit or call 01752 897124.  Like and follow Owens Coffee on Instagram: owenscoffee_, Facebook: @OwensCoffee and Twitter: @OwensCoffee.

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