Azu Spirits takes taste buds on voyage of discovery with craft gin and whisky blind tasting boxes

Submitted by Ellie Gibson

New drinks specialist Azu Spirits has launched premium gin and whisky blind tasting boxes, with numbered bottles and informative reveal cards, for a taste experience designed to be shared with family and friends – a unique way to discover something new and make memories along the way.

Launched in January 2021 by 24-year-old founder and managing director Ellie Gibson, whose background in hospitality fuelled her passion for craft drinks, Azu Spirits has discovery, friendship and sustainability at its heart.

‘The word “Azu” is from Sumerian, one of the earliest-known written languages, and means “the one that knows water,” Gibson explains, ‘it seemed to perfectly capture the idea of the voyage of discovery we want to take people on.’

Each blind tasting box contains three or six 100ml sample bottles of either premium whisky or craft gin – a pub spirit measure ranges from 25ml-35ml, so there is plenty to share. Every bottle is numbered to match the information cards kept inside a ‘reveal’ envelope. Sample each spirit side by side first to explore their differences, test your palate and find your favourite.

Azu Spirits’ blind tasting boxes can be personalised as a gift to someone special, or from a business as a corporate gift

‘Blind tasting encourages us to analyse the flavours, aromas and feel of spirits according to our own palate,’ Gibson explains, ‘by removing any bias, we can focus solely on the core – the spirit.

‘Most of all, our tasting boxes are perfect for sharing good times,’ Gibson says. ‘They are a great way to bring people together to discover something new. There are so many preconceptions when it comes to whisky and gin, this is the ideal way to find out what you really like.

‘We wouldn’t normally invest in a full-size bottle of a premium drink unless we are sure we like it, so this is a great way to experiment,’ she adds

Once you are ready to find out what you have been tasting, open the ‘reveal’ envelope. Every box also contains an illustrated booklet that explains the fascinating history and production process behind the spirits; exploring the turbulent history of gin in the UK, the rise of craft spirits, the amazing histories of Scotch whisky, and the science and art behind maturation.

Blind tasting boxes start from £45, and feature UK craft and premium spirits that are sustainably produced with sustainable packaging. Tonic water and nosing glasses are available to complete the tasting experience, while personalised boxes and gift wrapping are also options.

‘I really hope our tasting boxes encourage people to explore craft spirits,’ Gibson explains, ‘we want to spark interest in the amazing craft spirits that are produced in the UK, and create a taste journey that can be shared and enjoyed with friends. So many memories are made through food and drink and laughing together – these boxes seem like the perfect way to bring people together.’

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