Restaurant Industry Confident Despite Challenges of Brexit Uncertainty

Food industry professionals are positive about business despite Brexit uncertainty, according to a new report by Bristol-headquartered catering company Nisbets.

Of those surveyed, 79 per cent had a slightly positive or very positive outlook for 2018, although 52 per cent admitted they were unsure what the impact of Brexit would be.

More than a third (35 per cent) indicated they would increase prices to customers to recover costs while one in five (19 per cent) would look to buy more local producers and reduce food waste to keep costs under control.

Nisbets marketing director Simon O’Mahony said: “Those businesses that adapt well to change in order to meet customer demand will be best equipped to ride the wave of Brexit.

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“Many of those who commented positively in the Nisbets’ Pulse Survey identified that they had reacted quickly to new food trends and healthier options which they felt would help to see them through the challenges that may lie ahead.”

The Nisbets’ Pulse Survey highlighted the continuing challenge of recruitment within the industry with 87 per cent of those surveyed looking to recruit across their business within 2017.

A significant number have found this difficult, with 40 per cent hiring untrained staff and training them within the business, and 25 per cent increasing working hours of current employees.

Some 17 per cent of food professionals took strategic measures to deal with the issue by commissioning their own apprenticeship programs.

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