Fruitiful win Gold at the Taste of the West Awards

Taste of the West are the largest independent regional food group in the UK.  Each year they hold their prestigious food, drink and hospitality awards and they’ve just announced the 2020 winners. 

Fruitiful, by Waterhouse Fayre, are a small range of preserves made with honey and a sugar substitute to give the preserves a much lower sugar count. 

Their Seville preserve picked up a Gold award, and the other preserves, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Whortleberry, picked up a commended award.

The Fruitiful range does not use concentrated fruit juice like many other preserves use and claim there’s no added sugar. Instead, they use Zusto which is a sugar replacement. You can make cakes with Zusto and it has a glycemic index of 22 and honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar (white or brown).

There are other ‘no added sugar’ preserves available which use sorbitol (or similar) as a sweetener, however, these have a warning on the label regarding laxative effects if too much is consumed…

Fruitiful Preserves legally fit the banner of ‘no added sugar’ however, the owners feel dishonest to use this as they have used honey, which contains natural sugar. 

Owner Ann Stallard says “We are delighted to announce the Taste of the West Gold award for Seville and Commended for Raspberry, Strawberry and Whortleberry, that is a 100% result for our low sugar Fruitiful range.” 

Read more about the range by visiting their website.

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