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Brozen Bar launches Brozen Box: First UK subscription gelato experience to enjoy at home

Brozen Bar and Brozen Box were founded by twins Ben and Joe. Originally from a small farm in Cornwall, they grew up making homemade ice cream from locally foraged blackberries, elderflowers and sorrel. 

Wanting to explore gelato further, in 2015 the brothers cycled across Europe in search of the best they could find. With the information, they gained from their trip, and from reading numerous scientific journals, they launched their liquid nitrogen gelato stall in a market in the heart of Bristol. 

Continually experimenting, they expanded their knowledge and shortly after opened Brozen Bar, the first specialist frozen cocktail bar in Bristol.

The Coronavirus Pandemic meant they had to come up with ways to bring their unique frozen cocktails to people at home. The team has now developed a way of enjoying fresh gelato at home without any compromise on quality. This is when Brozen Box was born. 

Brozen Box is a one of a kind monthly themed gelato subscription experience allowing easy and mess free gelato making with unique globally inspired flavours. The box contains everything required to make three unique gelato flavours per month. 

As the only UK wide gelato subscription service, they pride themselves on a high-quality premium product. With the gelato base using milk from Jersey cows and the ingredient combinations being scientifically matched, Brozen Box promises only the highest grade of product. 

On 31st July they launched their first box which is ‘Spanish Summer’. The flavours are:  

  • Spanish Spiced Fig
  • Early Harvest Olive Oil & Lemon
  • Black Apricot & Almond 

The flavours are curated by their in house scientist Tom, with the highest quality ingredients, using dairy from Jersey and add-ins from reputable suppliers. The first box can be acquired for £19.90 here:

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