Boston Tea Party sustainable cup campaign a success

The South West restaurant chain Boston Tea Party claims its ban on single-use coffee cups has stopped more than 80,000 going to landfill since introducing the policy six months ago.

Customers can only buy drinks to take away in reusable cups, either their own, a loan cup which they return for a refund or by buying an Ecoffee cup.

Boston Tea Party has sold over 22,500 Ecoffee cups at cost price since starting the ban.

The savings to the business of supplying disposal cups is 10 pence per cup and BTP have raised £8.1k to donate to local charities, chosen by each branch of its 22-café portfolio.

Anita Atkins, BTP’s Brand Director said: “Our customers have been incredible both online and in cafés.

“The feeling in our cafés is very different in the morning. Far from being a routine on the way to work, customers are now happy about their morning coffee, doing something good for the planet and giving to a local charity, all before the day begins!

“We are calling them everyday heroes.  One customer brought a yoghurt pot in for their coffee, proving that the team at BTP really will put coffee in any receptacle that will hold it!”

The business has seen a fall of 24% in takeaway hot drink sales during the past six months compared to the same period last year.

BTP MD Sam Roberts, BTP said: “A drop in takeaway coffee sales with the ban was inevitable. But happily, we’ve seen a marked uplift in customers drinking in.

“This six-month period also included one of the hottest summers in BTP’s history when we sold a lot more cold drinks than hot ones.”

Plymouth BTP staff used the saving to equip local beach clean volunteers with equipment they need for their teams.