Award-winning rum features Dartmoor water

A new premium rum which features Dartmoor water has been launched, and it’s already accumulating gold and silver international awards.

Starting with a classic pot and column still premium base rum, distilled by acclaimed Foursquare in Barbados, Hattiers Premium Reserve is then blended with carefully selected rums from Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemala.

The mix is combined with the softest Dartmoor water to create a smooth, completely unadulterated rum.

Hattiers Rum has already won a collection of accolades, including critical acclaim from the international spirits trade; scooping the silver outstanding award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2018 and gold at Taste of the West.

The rum has also been selected as the official spirits partner for Luscombe Drinks new mixer range for their hot ginger beer and lime crush.

Each glass has an exquisite taste profile of caramel, toffee and soft fruits. As the fruit flavours fade there is a pop of woody heat, a trademark of the ex-bourbon casks rums. A crescendo of pepper follows with aromatic oak notes that carry into Hattiers Rum long, elegant creamy finish.

Founder and master blender Philip Everett-Lyons says: ‘We developed the blend to be anaccessible premium sipping rum with an elegant combination of soft fruits, caramel andheat that is warm and jovial.”

Borne out of a passion of sailing and love of the ocean, Hattiers Rum is a family collaboration with master blender Philip Everett-Lyons at the helm.

With a career in the creative world of the arts, television, film and theatre, Philip changed tack to pursue his dream of setting up a family business as a legacy for his children.

Named after Philip and Corinna’s eldest daughter, Hattiers Rum was proudly crafted as a timeless flagship spirit that embodies the Everett-Lyons family values of trust, honour and integrity.

With a sophisticated nod to rum’s sea-faring heritage, the eye-catching racing line label and unique bottle shape will stand out on any back bar or home drinks cabinet.

Mr Everett-Lyons said: ‘Since launching our first product, I’m delighted we’re set to stock the shelves of John Lewis SS19 range, in addition to national and South West stockists, bars and hotels.

“Over the next few years we will be creating small batches of our own rum blends, with the aim of ageing our very own Hattiers vintage, once our palates are satisfied with excellence. We’ve embarked on a thrilling adventure of distilling and hope our local rum drinkers can join us on our jovial journey.”

Hattiers Rum will be entirely plastic free from summer 2019.